Flawed Premises And False Beliefs

After 30 years of investing and financing with thousand of students behind me, I’ve observed several factors that have stopped many investors for actually beginning. These factors all fall into one general category .

Wrong or inaccurate information accurately false belief that have hindered many students from taking the first steps.

I can relate to it because I was also a victim of flawed and inaccurate information.
It took me 8 months to transition from Single Family Home Investing to Commercial Investing because of the inaccurate information I had received and how that information had clowned my perception and perspectives.

My relationship with this inaccurate information hindered me for moving forward.
Thanks to my mentor, I was able to break through and establish the power and the willingness to create deals and profit from opportunities.

This course was developed to provide a strategic path for creating new opportunities in the commercial financing and investing market for creating the world you want. This course is dedicated to this purpose.

I welcome you as a co creator in profits and success.

Flawed Premises:

  1. Others Know Better Than You Do!
  2. You lack the required knowledge!
  3. You don’t deserve to be successful
  4. You focus on what you don’t want rather than thinking of what you do want.
  5. You lack the resources you need
  6. You lack the credit required.
  7. You lack the skill sets for structuring Commercial deals.
  8. You are helpless and powerless.
  9. Needing the approval of others.
  10. You need deep pockets to do big deals.
  11. You need great credit to buy commercial properties.

When you give thought to any subject you attract that thought to yourself. It’s the law of attraction.
It’s your vibrational realty escrow account.

Your thoughts are your vibrational request and you get what you think about whether it’s good or bad.
Bad thoughts being bad feelings and attract and create bad results.

Think good thoughts . Think of things that make you smile.

You get what you think about! It’s Law!

This course is developed to get you pass all the flawed premises and false beliefs to get you
started into the commercial financing and investing opportunities.

Let’s begin the process of creating your American Dream.
With this training, you will learn exactly how to create the world you want!

Let’s begin the journey!